Thursday, August 16, 2012

They had a much better day

Kade and Elizabeth's first day of kindergarten with entire class went well.  No folder came home.  And I reread the note from meet the teacher day and realized i was supposed to be sending a snack for them each day.  I feel bad that they had nothing to eat from 0720 til 1230...bad mama.   Having twins in the same class means i can ask them how their siblings day went... E reports that K had a good day and that she had a super good day.  They explained that this meant she did not have to move her pin and he had to move his once.  Kade tolerated the bus ride home better.  He enjoyed having a cold bottle of water for the trip home (i froze 8 oz bottles of water and put in his bag in the am, so it was defrosted but cool).
I'm feeling better, not great, and certainly not comfortable with putting my babies on a bus and sending them off to school, but i feel better than the past 2 days  am hopeful they will have a great year.

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