Friday, August 10, 2012

meet the teacher???

Well, we went to meet the kindergarten teacher.  I was not impressed with her, or her class.  I'm trying to withhold judgment and praying she is a better teacher that she appeared today.  Also, the twins were terrible, the only kids running around; touching everything and doing cart wheels. 

The class room was filthy; I'm hoping that it will get cleaned over the weekend.  She seemed unprepared.  This is the first year that they tested the kindergartners before starting school.  Her room was one of a few used for testing. 

Wondering if I made the right decision keeping them together.  She even stated to me questioningly  "and you Did want them in the same class?"  The other kids were timid.  Is it a good thing that K and E are anything but timid, fully confidant to test all limits right away???

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