Tuesday, February 19, 2008

peek a boo and kisses

Where's Quinn??? and who put Kade in a girly bib??
I think Kade found him!
Brotherly love...I just wish I saw more between Cole and Quinn...
Now isn't that sweet. How can I not smile!!!
Elizabeth looks alot like my baby pics in this one
Give me a kiss... I'm so pretty in my pink dress!
Uh Oh, look whose learned to climb the steps...Kade will watch her from the bottom and if she goes up more than one will slap the bottom step as if to say "come back here, it's too dangerous, don'e leave me..." he will put one leg up and then put it down. He is the cautious one.

We're having so much fun...

We went camping in January at Perci Quinn and it SNOWED... the biggest flakes I have ever seen
Beau only let me take the twins out for a short stroll, he thought it was too cold (and he's from Montana)
the twins like to be out and about!
this is the absolute best about twins, one on each side to keep you warm!!!
Elizabeth's new trick. She does this when she doesn't want to take a nap...she know's we have to come and fix her legs... but how do you resist that smile!!!

We seem to be over the illnesses and Kade's 2 top teeth have come through. We're all sleeping well again!

The twins spent thier first night away from us this past Friday night. They went to stay with Aunt Kathy, Uncle Dewayne, Ashlee Rae, and Austin Reed. Elizabeth didn't miss us a bit, however, Kade (who doesn't like change) did not do so well. He cried alot Friday evening, decided not to like Aunt Kathy. Maw Maw Faye had to come over to rock him to sleep. He does like Unca De (whose lap he sat on and watched tv, just chillin'). We missed them like crazy, but enjoyed a night out alone and got a lot of painting done around the house Saturday.