Monday, March 17, 2008

11 months

Elizabeth at the park during Quinn's 9th birthday party...she loved the swing!
Kade new favorite toys...a pot and spoon.

We have recovered from an awful week with the stomach flu. Everyone had it. I had the mildest case and Beau had the most severe! Elizabeth seemed to take the longest to get over it and Kade was the fastest!

Elizabeth's face is all better, she still has a red mark on her leg, but it's almost gone too.

BIG NEWS...KADE is taking 3-6 steps at a time now. He gets so excited and does this nervous thing where he rubs his fingers together as he stands and "prepares to walk" he grins and claps now, because every time he walks we all cheer.

Elizabeth has not yet attempted to take a step. She can climb stairs very fast!!! One of the boys forgot to close the gate we have at the bottom of the stairs, and I found her at the top. This is very dangerous at our home because the rails are too far apart and the babies can fit through...i prayed as i ran up to "save her". She was very proud to have gotten to the top...

March 20.... they will be 1 year old. My goodness how time has flown!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Big Crash!

Baby Faye got a little banged up yesterday. SAD.