Monday, April 7, 2008

Baby Faye pushing Kade

Look at that. It's hard to believe that she likes to hit him too...

Happy Birthday!!!

The twins turned 1 on March 20th. We celebrated their birthday at their Nee Nee's new house. Beau cooked a Jambalaya and we had an Easter Egg Hunt. Then they really enjoyed the chocolate cakes their Nonna made!!! They were covered in cake and icing. It was so much fun.

It's hard to believe that a year has passed by. I was looking back at their newborn pics, i can't believe my little bitty babies have grown so much. Kade is taking more and more steps and will be giving up crawling very soon. Elizabeth has taken a step or two. She can climb so very fast. We've taken out their play table because they kept climbing on top of it. We have put a gate at the bottom of the stairs.

We ran into a man with 5 year old twins and another lady with 6 year old twins...both said "it doesn't get any better" i think that odd and also hope it's true. Because we are so blessed and are having so much fun! They are such good babies. Beau and I have both said if we were younger we'd think about having another. Beau even said that if we'd had them first, we might have 6. Of course, i think part of the reason they are so good, is that we are better parents this go round. I know the "terrible two's" won't be easy. But I love that age, they can tell you their wants and were they hurt.

I have even found time the past week to start spring cleaning. I'm doing one room at a time...ceiling to floor, clockwise, even moving the furniture. (if you know me at all, you'll be very impressed).

Life is so good!