Sunday, December 2, 2007

Twins are busy, 1st Thanksgiving...

Isn't Quinn handsome!!!
Ashlee Rae, Kade, Aunt Kathy, Elizabeth, and Austin Reed. Austin believes that Elizabeth will come to live with them when she turns one.
Great Aunt Faye (maw Faye) with Elizabeth (baby Faye), do you think her bow is big enough?
We went to the Renaissance Festival the Friday after Thanksgiving. Kade wanted a sword too.

It has been awhile since I have been able to find the time to blog. a few weeks ago I hurt my back...what a mess! I don't have time to keep up with the house and laundry as it is, but I was flat on my back for almost 5 days...I didn't pick up a baby for over a week. I'm still very careful. My Chiropractor and I think it is just the repetitive's not like I can quit, and there isn't a right way to lift a baby in a car seat/carrier. Thank God for Cole, I honestly don't know what we would do without him. He does most of my heavy lifting now. Beau bought a chin up bar, so Cole has started working out. He does chin ups, dips and I'm not sure what else, but he is getting some big biceps. I know this because he shows me almost daily, and yes I can really see a difference. My baby is growing up, and will be 13 soon.

Having twins has been a tremendous blessing and we cannot imagine life without them. There have been many trials. One of which is the loss of friends. Not that any of our friends have "dumped" us, it's just that the friends you have when you have older or no children are not interested in hanging out with you when you have a baby (especially two). Those who have older children of their own, seem to have forgotten what it was like to have a new baby and certainly can't relate to what 2 are like. They actually have the nerve to comment on your lack of productivity. So as you can imagine, you don't really want to hand out with them anyway... we are trying to maintain contact with a few in hopes that they will one day want to spend time with the Meisners again. Perhaps we will make new friends who have babies. We are so much older than most people with babies and such a contradiction! We might meet other parents who homeschool, but we aren't really like most homeschoolers. Afterall, Quinn does go to school, the horror...

Thanksgiving was great. The twins are now trying soft table foods and it was fun letting them taste everything. It just doesn't feel like Christmas. It is so hot here and we haven't found time to decorate inside. Beau did get most of the lights up outside. We are on such a tight budget that I'm making most of the gifts we are giving this year. Like I have time.... Actually I am getting it done and I do enjoy "crafting". I do a little every day that I don't go to work. A friend also ordered some personalized note cards from me (7 sets) and I'm over halfway done. (feeling rather proud and long as I ignore the dust bunnies, weeds, laundry, etc).