Monday, July 20, 2009


It doesn't seem like it's been 3 months since my last post...but it has.

I'm having a good day. I'm on my 5th day of 19 days off. I don't think I realized how much added stress working gives me. I love my job and my time at work is great. But that's that many less hours that I have to do what must be done at home!

But I'm not about to quit...can't afford it! I'm blessed to be a nurse and make great money with good benefits working part time!

We had a staycation day today. I asked Cole and Quinn if they wanted to go camping (in our very nice camper...not roughing it) or stay home and go to museums, parks, etc...I was shocked when they said they would rather stay home. I think they have heard me complain tooooo much about how much work camping is. We are compromising. we are doing some staycation days and then we are going camping for (12 nights...yikes...we may come home in 8). Last year I took with kids for 10 days...Beau only came up on weekends. That was exhausting...the entire time was spent keeping the twins alive, out of the lake out of the road was my entire trip! Beau is taking the week off this time, so I'm hopeful this year will be more of a vacation! We do have life jackets that fit the twins now (they were too little last year).

Cole is still such a huge help, though, at times he doesn't want to help, but he still does!

We are having a lot of trouble with Quinn. He tends to act lazy and he can be very sneaky to get out of work...this really bothers me. I'm praying for him and praying for wisdom, in how to deal with this and redirect him. Our life is busy now, it is life with twins, and while he may have preferred to continue to be the baby, he has to now step up and be a big brother.

Well that is all for now, I must start dinner. Cole inventoried the freezers for me and we are not buying many groceries...trying to cook what we have. tonight will be good, steak, that we forgot we had.