Wednesday, September 19, 2012

vacation for mom

I just got back from 5 days at the beach, with  girlfriends only!!!!  No men, no children.  It was glorious.  It is the longest I have ever been separated from the twins and the longest Beau has had to hold down the fort.  I was barely missed, which is a great feeling!  And Beau didn't appear any worse for wear.  He cooked them lots of processed foods, but did take them to the park and kept the house reasonable clean!  So he is up for Man of they Year, in what matters to Jodi awards!  I am home feeling rested, refreshed, and loving my family!
There is a slight chill in the air and the high today is on 85, so, in my south Louisiana heart, this "cold snap" calls for gumbo.  I have a wonderful smelling chicken stock brewing on the stove.  It will be yummy, even if i have to turn the A/C down to 65 ;)

The twins remain in the same class, however, I've questioned myself about that decision.  They have mostly good days, with a few very good, a few so so, and an occasional sad day.  The teacher reports that they "feed" off of each other.  The last sad day that Elizabeth had was due to putting her ice pack on her head in the lunch room, and dancing (instead of walking in line quietly) back to class.  It's hard for me to fuss at her exuberance, though I understand how this is frustrating for a kindergarten teacher, with over 18 students.  Kade's bad days are generally due to not sitting still and not paying attention.  This always occurs in the afternoon.  This is the same was it was for Cole and Quinn in kindergarten.  The great thing is they love school, their teacher, and riding the bus!