Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy New Year

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! We did. I was very ill with a stomach bug, and unfortunately Cole now has it. I'm praying the rest stay well. But on the bright side, it should keep me from gaining the usual 5 or so pounds...

I will try to post pictures soon.

I just finished reading an awesome book. My friend Vicki gave it to us for Christmas and it was the best gift ever! It is powerful and I recommend it to everyone...The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. I hope it will transform my relationships and life. It is a fiction book but I believe it gives true insight into the character of God.

We are trying to catch up on the house stuff and recover from the virus. Hope all of you have a hope filled New Year!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

life with 2 toddlers if VERY BUSY

We made it to church today. I feel like I accomplished something! We all went to Walmart on the way home, I accomplished 2 things! God is so good, even when I am so bad. We haven't been to church for the past 3 weeks. Of course we had reasons, but I managed to find time those weekends to watch LSU football, so did I really not have time for church/God, or did I choose other things (the world) in stead? Not that I'm implying that you have to go to church to be Godly or saved or good. But I seem to be more Christ like when I am plugged in to HIM. For me that means, going to church, listening to Praise and Worship, spending time reading His Word (the bible). It's true, when life gets busy, you better make time to pray first. Lets hope I can put these "truths" into practice with more regularity.

Life has gotten a bit overwhelming with 2 toddlers. They can so mess up faster than I can clean up. It is a rare gift that they are playing by themselves in the play yard. Of coure at any second, one may hit or bite the other and it is ON! Now I hear Cole and Quinn fighting in the yard. I will ignore it, until one is bleeding. not only must I fight the minute by minute battles of raising 2 toddlers, but I must wage the war against the world for my teenager! Thank God Cole is a Godly kid on his way to becoming a Godly man, but I must not forget to pray and battle for him daily, and many times the battle is against his self!!!! His teenage it's all about

Parenting is exhausting. At times I feel like a total failure. Maybe that is why I am a nurse. I am so angry at a few of the mom's whose babies I see in home health. I came home Friday so full of FIGHT!!! REady to bring home 5 children I know are neglected (1 8/0 boy, 1 4 y/0 boy, 1 2y/o boy, 1 15 m/o girl, and a 5 m/o infant) they are underweight. The mother yells and makes the 8 y/o care for the 3 middle children. Her youngest infant just came home from the NICU and she refuses to feed him as the MD ordered and in a few days he has dropped over 1/2 pound. So, I guess I'm not that bad a mother. I have another mom, of 7 (5 under 4) and she is precious, tired, overwhelmed, but so trying to do her best. I pray for her and am so thankful to have the support I have from Beau, Cole, Denise, Nonna! I can so get on my pitty pot about not having 3 sisters, a mom, a Mother-in-law, etc. etc to help. But I am so blessed.

I will try to post more pictures soon. Beau and I are both working alot more. Trying to pay for car repairs, clothes for the kids, the hight cost of food, Christmas, and our big family trip to Disney. We are available much, so forgive us if we don't call more. I will cut back on my hours after the holidays. We've almost paid off the truck and that will give us a little more breathing room.

oh and Geaux Tigers. We are not fairweather fans. WE LOVE LSU!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hurricaine Gustav

Wow, what a week it has been! We survived the storm just fine. A few trees down, lots of debris, but no structural damage. The aftermath was not so "fine". 3 hour gas lines, no power, no running water. 4 hot cranky kids, 2 hot irritable parents....need I go on. I had no idea what a wimp I am. I am totally dependent on air conditioning. the humidity was the straw that put us over. We broke down on day 3 without power, and bought a generator. We still didn't have running water because we are on a well with a pump. But at least we were cool in the camper. Of course with gas over $4 a gallon, we could only afford to run the generator for 12 hours a day. We were blessed to have power back on day 4 at about 7 pm. The twins were so excited to be back in the house with the lights and air on. The ran around with their arms above their heads squealing and laughing, it was just too cute. There are still hundreds of thousands of people with out power in southern Louisiana. Baton Rouge is still under a mandatory curfew until 65% of the households get power. It isn't being reported in the national news, but it has been very hard for the people here. Many homes have been destroyed by fallen trees in our area. This is the worse disaster in Baton Rouge history. Our children will return to school tomorrow, but BR will be out at least another week. Please be in prayer for the people of Louisiana, especially as Ike threatens the Gulf Coast.

p.s. There have been many "heroes" here. Our National Guard (along with many nearby states National Guard) have been a huge presence handing out supplies and keeping our streets safe, many other states and federal law enforcement officers have also come to help our local law enforcement keep order (than have been fight in the gas lines and people stealing generators off of front porches). Many churches, especially ours, Healing Place, have stepped up and been the hands and feet of Jesus. Giving out food, water, ice, and even free gas. Sending out crews to help clear trees and debris. It has been a long week with many life lessons. I for one, found that I was not spiritually prepared for this storm/trial. I will be making some personal changes, so that I will hopefully be more Christ like during the next trial. I had no idea my attitude was so closely tied to a/c and running water... lesson learned, I hope!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kade has a shoe fetish (these are mine, but he tried to take every shoe on the beach)
Elizabeth's footprints (in middle walking towards the right)
Isn't she a beautiful baby.....

1st Oreo, she learned to open them right away

Yes, Quinn's hair is blue (it's blond now). Look at Baby Faye hang on!
This is the norm at dinner...we have a little picnic table we feed them on, but they climb on that too.

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny pink polkadot bikini. Isnt that a cute suit! She loved the water, and kade prefered to wander the beach stealing shoes! We had a great time, but it was so non stop. Cole had swimmer's ear and his canal was almost swollen shut (poor guy). So I didn't have my usual help. Beau went home for 4 nights in the middle of the 10 night trip. I won't do that again!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We took these March 17th, just before their birthday and Easter at Babycakes photography.
It has been a busy few months for me! I didn't even take the twins for their 12m check up (bad mommy). Partly because I was busy, but mostly because I hate watching them get shots. I know, I'm a nurse and give babies shots all the time, but it is different when they are yours! Plus there is all that controversy over immunizations, and mercury and other heavy metal toxicity and autism. So I put it off. I did finally take them at 15 months.
Kade is just over 20 pounds. He is in the 55% for height and 5% for weight. Elizabeth is just under 20 pounds. she is in the 25% for height and 10% for weight. I've really tried to make them fat. Maybe they are just destined to be thin (for their whole life). Wouldn't that be grand! Considering that most of my family has battled obesity (including myself) I think it would be wonderful.
But I truly think fat babies are the best, and my and not fat. I call Kade Skinny man. I've even made a little song up about mama's little Skinny man.... Elizabeth isn't quite as skinny, at least you can't count her ribs and spine... The pediatrician assures me they are fine! They both eat so well. They eat everything. Elizabeth even likes fresh tomatoes. The only thing I've found that they both will not eat is asparagus. Their new favorite food is fresh blueberries. They like them more than chocolate (i shudder at the thought of anything being better than chocolate). Blueberries make for very interesting poop. Beau called my in a panic. Kade's poop is black...I said what does it smell like and he's like ..."poop" I reply "smell it again" then he tells me it smells sweet and I say..."like blueberry's" he says yes and gross. I must say, nobody else likes them as much as we used to after smelly blueberry poop... But they are so good tasting and for you, that we let them eat them everyday. They will only be in season a little while longer.
We will going camping for 10 days at the end of this week. I'm not sure how that will work. They won't have beds to be put down for naps and sleep. I don't think they will just lay quietly and go to sleep, when they will be able to crawl out and find us... we will see.
We are having so much fun with these two blessings!!! Cole and Quinn may not survive the summer (sibling rivalry is a curse of Satan dating back to Cain and Able, why am I surprised that Cole and Quinn are experiencing it as well...).

Monday, April 7, 2008

Baby Faye pushing Kade

Look at that. It's hard to believe that she likes to hit him too...

Happy Birthday!!!

The twins turned 1 on March 20th. We celebrated their birthday at their Nee Nee's new house. Beau cooked a Jambalaya and we had an Easter Egg Hunt. Then they really enjoyed the chocolate cakes their Nonna made!!! They were covered in cake and icing. It was so much fun.

It's hard to believe that a year has passed by. I was looking back at their newborn pics, i can't believe my little bitty babies have grown so much. Kade is taking more and more steps and will be giving up crawling very soon. Elizabeth has taken a step or two. She can climb so very fast. We've taken out their play table because they kept climbing on top of it. We have put a gate at the bottom of the stairs.

We ran into a man with 5 year old twins and another lady with 6 year old twins...both said "it doesn't get any better" i think that odd and also hope it's true. Because we are so blessed and are having so much fun! They are such good babies. Beau and I have both said if we were younger we'd think about having another. Beau even said that if we'd had them first, we might have 6. Of course, i think part of the reason they are so good, is that we are better parents this go round. I know the "terrible two's" won't be easy. But I love that age, they can tell you their wants and were they hurt.

I have even found time the past week to start spring cleaning. I'm doing one room at a time...ceiling to floor, clockwise, even moving the furniture. (if you know me at all, you'll be very impressed).

Life is so good!

Monday, March 17, 2008

11 months

Elizabeth at the park during Quinn's 9th birthday party...she loved the swing!
Kade new favorite toys...a pot and spoon.

We have recovered from an awful week with the stomach flu. Everyone had it. I had the mildest case and Beau had the most severe! Elizabeth seemed to take the longest to get over it and Kade was the fastest!

Elizabeth's face is all better, she still has a red mark on her leg, but it's almost gone too.

BIG NEWS...KADE is taking 3-6 steps at a time now. He gets so excited and does this nervous thing where he rubs his fingers together as he stands and "prepares to walk" he grins and claps now, because every time he walks we all cheer.

Elizabeth has not yet attempted to take a step. She can climb stairs very fast!!! One of the boys forgot to close the gate we have at the bottom of the stairs, and I found her at the top. This is very dangerous at our home because the rails are too far apart and the babies can fit through...i prayed as i ran up to "save her". She was very proud to have gotten to the top...

March 20.... they will be 1 year old. My goodness how time has flown!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Big Crash!

Baby Faye got a little banged up yesterday. SAD.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

peek a boo and kisses

Where's Quinn??? and who put Kade in a girly bib??
I think Kade found him!
Brotherly love...I just wish I saw more between Cole and Quinn...
Now isn't that sweet. How can I not smile!!!
Elizabeth looks alot like my baby pics in this one
Give me a kiss... I'm so pretty in my pink dress!
Uh Oh, look whose learned to climb the steps...Kade will watch her from the bottom and if she goes up more than one will slap the bottom step as if to say "come back here, it's too dangerous, don'e leave me..." he will put one leg up and then put it down. He is the cautious one.

We're having so much fun...

We went camping in January at Perci Quinn and it SNOWED... the biggest flakes I have ever seen
Beau only let me take the twins out for a short stroll, he thought it was too cold (and he's from Montana)
the twins like to be out and about!
this is the absolute best about twins, one on each side to keep you warm!!!
Elizabeth's new trick. She does this when she doesn't want to take a nap...she know's we have to come and fix her legs... but how do you resist that smile!!!

We seem to be over the illnesses and Kade's 2 top teeth have come through. We're all sleeping well again!

The twins spent thier first night away from us this past Friday night. They went to stay with Aunt Kathy, Uncle Dewayne, Ashlee Rae, and Austin Reed. Elizabeth didn't miss us a bit, however, Kade (who doesn't like change) did not do so well. He cried alot Friday evening, decided not to like Aunt Kathy. Maw Maw Faye had to come over to rock him to sleep. He does like Unca De (whose lap he sat on and watched tv, just chillin'). We missed them like crazy, but enjoyed a night out alone and got a lot of painting done around the house Saturday.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

life's been hard lately

I hate to complain, but I'm in one of those funks. You know the ones you get in when you don't get enough sleep for about 3 weeks, and no matter how hard or constantly you clean, it's still a mess! Well that's where I'm at today. I'm grumpy and tired. We've been fighting illness for over 3 weeks. We had about 5 days last week, when everyone seemed well. Then, Kade (while we were camping in 25 degree weather) was up all night Friday, Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues nights. I took him to the doctor on Monday, but he only had a "little fluid in his left ear" His nose started running copiously on Tues and Elizabeth's started as well. Kade finally slept all night without a peep last night, but Elizabeth DID NOT.... so it goes with twins. And now I have their cold....arggghhh

We are so blessed, but right at this very moment, I do not feel blessed. I know in my head I should, but I just don't. Beau must be exhausted (he gets up more at night than I ...he can actually rock in his sleep, believe it or not). Two exhausted and irritable parents don't make very nice partners. We're both a bit snippy (he'll never admit that). But I realize I'm snippy, but can't seem to stop.

I just want healthy kids, happy kids, a clean house, and enough money left over at the end of the month for a message and dinner out. It doesn't seem like too much to ask, but it must be. I need to learn to be thankful for 2 healthy kids, 2 happy babies (who play with each other for hours and nap well 2x daily), a home to live in, and enough money to pay the bills.

Right now i just want a nap! and the laundry done! Choir practice tonight (that I'm having to talk myself into, which I shouldn't), work tomorrow, girls night out tomorrow night at Mike Anderson's (that I'm having to talk myself into and I shouldn't), work Saturday, and by birthday dinner Sat. night (and yes I'm having to talk myself into that as well...hopefully will have 8 hours of sleep sometime soon and will glad to go go go). I'm so overwhelmed with life with twins today. But God how I love these babies and wouldn't trade them for 10 hours of sleep, a full time sleep and massages every day!

Ok, I added this picture, because no matter how bad I feel today, it is nothing compared to how miserable I was. It made me laugh and decide my life isn't that hard. I thought whoever reads this might laugh with me!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas pics

Quinn received a guitar for Christmas. He'll start lessons this week

Austin Reed in is Tiger Uniform with Elizabeth on Kades hungry hippo
We now bathe the twins together in the tub, they love tub time!!!
Cole spiked Elizabeth's mohawk.
Isn't this just the sweetest thing you ever saw!!!
Biceps by baby. We will rent them out for your work out...

Kade on Elizabeth's rocking horse.
We had a great holiday. We are very tired!!! Kade is still having trouble with teething. Elizabeth has an ingrown toenail (yes, can you believe, i didin't know babies got them either) and is on antibiotics. Both babies have a cold with runny/stuffy noses. And they shard thier cold with mommy...
Cole received loads of $ for Christmas. He has more than enough for the Wii he wants, but has been unable to find one. If you see one, please let us know.
Happy New Year and God Bless you and yours!