Sunday, October 26, 2008

life with 2 toddlers if VERY BUSY

We made it to church today. I feel like I accomplished something! We all went to Walmart on the way home, I accomplished 2 things! God is so good, even when I am so bad. We haven't been to church for the past 3 weeks. Of course we had reasons, but I managed to find time those weekends to watch LSU football, so did I really not have time for church/God, or did I choose other things (the world) in stead? Not that I'm implying that you have to go to church to be Godly or saved or good. But I seem to be more Christ like when I am plugged in to HIM. For me that means, going to church, listening to Praise and Worship, spending time reading His Word (the bible). It's true, when life gets busy, you better make time to pray first. Lets hope I can put these "truths" into practice with more regularity.

Life has gotten a bit overwhelming with 2 toddlers. They can so mess up faster than I can clean up. It is a rare gift that they are playing by themselves in the play yard. Of coure at any second, one may hit or bite the other and it is ON! Now I hear Cole and Quinn fighting in the yard. I will ignore it, until one is bleeding. not only must I fight the minute by minute battles of raising 2 toddlers, but I must wage the war against the world for my teenager! Thank God Cole is a Godly kid on his way to becoming a Godly man, but I must not forget to pray and battle for him daily, and many times the battle is against his self!!!! His teenage it's all about

Parenting is exhausting. At times I feel like a total failure. Maybe that is why I am a nurse. I am so angry at a few of the mom's whose babies I see in home health. I came home Friday so full of FIGHT!!! REady to bring home 5 children I know are neglected (1 8/0 boy, 1 4 y/0 boy, 1 2y/o boy, 1 15 m/o girl, and a 5 m/o infant) they are underweight. The mother yells and makes the 8 y/o care for the 3 middle children. Her youngest infant just came home from the NICU and she refuses to feed him as the MD ordered and in a few days he has dropped over 1/2 pound. So, I guess I'm not that bad a mother. I have another mom, of 7 (5 under 4) and she is precious, tired, overwhelmed, but so trying to do her best. I pray for her and am so thankful to have the support I have from Beau, Cole, Denise, Nonna! I can so get on my pitty pot about not having 3 sisters, a mom, a Mother-in-law, etc. etc to help. But I am so blessed.

I will try to post more pictures soon. Beau and I are both working alot more. Trying to pay for car repairs, clothes for the kids, the hight cost of food, Christmas, and our big family trip to Disney. We are available much, so forgive us if we don't call more. I will cut back on my hours after the holidays. We've almost paid off the truck and that will give us a little more breathing room.

oh and Geaux Tigers. We are not fairweather fans. WE LOVE LSU!!!


Donna said...

Parenting twins IS exhausting! I had two children that were five months apart, and so when the twins came along I thought, no problem, this won't be too hard. WHOLE different story, and just five months' difference. It gets easier, though. My twins were born 09/06/06 and it's a ton easier than just six months ago. They sure teach us to DIE to self, don't they!?

Jodi Lyn said...

Yes, they sure do!!! Thanks for you comment!