Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bathing beauty and a beautiful boy

Of course Elizabeth wouldn't smile, she's just fascinated with the camera
she does love her bath and look at those fat rolls...and double chin
I know I'm prejudiced, but isn't Kade beautiful!!!
look who's talking....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

work is getting easier

It was much easier leaving for work yesterday. And it wasn't as hard being away. Kade doesn't seem to miss me as much either. Though I did get huge grins when I got home!!! I will try to post some pics tonight.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Home Sweet Home

here is a picture of Cole's potaTOE

It's so nice to be home and know that I don't have to work until Tues. Not that I have anything to complain about! I have an awesome job with great coworkers and a wonderful boss! I was able to leave early yesterday, so I only missed 2 feedings. Kade did much better.

Going anywhere with twins is a challenge. Quinn, I and the twins went to Walmart at 8 this am. Then we came home, put away groceries, fed the babies and were off to the podiatrists office to get Cole's ingrown toenail removed (see gross picture, yes this is really Cole's toe). Thank goodness that Beau was able to meet me at the office and go in with Cole. It took longer than expected and we had to feed babies before we left. It's a pain with 2, I hate having to rely so much on Cole and Quinn. sometimes I think people think that Cole is the daddy and I'm a cradle robber...isn't that a thought.... I met a grandmother whose daughter is expecting twins, I recommended baby wise to her. In case you haven't noticed me not whining about sleep lately...They are sleeping 8-9 hours at night. It is such a blessing! I had to wake them up at 7am this morning. WOW. Those Baby Wise people knew what they were talking about!

Cole leaves for Europe on July 4th. We will miss him so much, but are so excited for him...6 countries in 21 days. His passport finally came in...thanks to Senator David Vitter's office!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

missing babies

Well, I'm at work. I look at my blog often to show off their pictures, but mostly just to look at them. I'm really missing them right now. Which is inconvenient with breast feeding...My milk lets down and now I'm full and uncomfortable, just wanting to go home and breast feed... Trying not to cry, trying to think of how we can afford for me to stay home for a few more months, knowing it is not possible (unless we win the lottery, which we haven't bought a ticket for). I don't think Beau has any idea how hard it is for me...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kade did miss me

I noticed last night after Kade woke up, that he was hoarse. I asked Quinn and Cole about it, and apparently he cried a lot yesterday...I guess Beau didn't want me to be upset, or more importantly quit work... Hopefully he will adjust to my being gone quickly. It makes me sad to think of him crying himself hoarse, missing me...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Absence makes the heart grow...

Well, I survived my first day back to work. Kade and Elizabeth did fine, apparently not missing me much at all. Kade was almost asleep when I got home, so I was able to snuggle and rock him.
Cole loved and cuddled the twins! He deserves the BEST BIG BROTHER AWARD!!!
Beau is looking a little serious.... not sure what to make of this expression...
Elizabeth was asleep when I got home, so I had to wait awhile before I could cuddle her. It wasn't too bad, being at work. I enjoyed seeing my friends and catching up. And they let me off early!!! Yea, because at about 2pm, I was getting pretty home sick. I was able to leave at 4pm. I don't know what I will do when I must work 12 hours, I just won't think about that now. I'm home with them tomorrow and will work again on Thursday.
Oh it's so good to be home!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

More smiles and twins are hard

it's a little blurry, but it is so hard to capture her smile on have to sneak up from the side
this is how I rock them both at the same time. they are very fussy in the evening, so this is the usual. It's very hard to fix dinner like this...
this is the best picture of Elizabeth's smile, but it still doesn't do her justice
this is what we usually get when we try to take a picture of Elizabeth. She just stares at the camera...

Well, it has been a difficult week. They are not napping well and I'm not getting anything done. I find it so frustrating stuck in a chair holding babies and seeing everything that needs to be done (like picking up trash on the floor, dust, cobwebs on the chandelier, dirty baseboards) things that you wouldn't normally notice, but because you can't get up and the remote is lost you just look around and notice everything. Of course, I could try to tell Cole and Quinn to do it, but I swear that is like talking to a hearing impaired person, who can't read lips. They can look at me smile, nod their head and then do the opposite of what I said. Beau isn't much better. I think it is a male thing. Maybe that tail that they are missing on the Y chromosome is what causes the selected hearing loss. Or maybe I harp so much that they have tuned me out in self defense. But the frustration builds and no one cares...

Having two babies is a blessing. I have to remind myself that. I have friends with fertility problems, who would love to be in my shoes. They probably wouldn't notice the dirt and if they did, wouldn't care. Would sit there holding these two beautiful miracles and just be grateful. Sometimes I am there, but lately I'm not. Maybe I need to focus on my blessings more!!! Everything is harder with two. I want to do so much, and wake up in the morning feeling so full of energy and I make all of these plans in my head that I'm going to accomplish today.... I do one or two and am completely exhausted. Planning a trip to the store, or a friends, or to visit their Nonna. Packing the diaper bag... twice as many diapers, extra outfits, tons of burp cloths (Elizabeth has reflux and vomits often!!!) two different formulas and make sure they are labeled!, bottled water etc. etc. etc. Oh and make sure there a extra pacifiers!

I so much want to reenter my life. I miss singing in the choir and think about going to practice. I have to return to work in 5 days. Wondering how that will work. Breast feed both in the am, and then choose just one in the evening, because I only have enough milk for one in the evening(if I don't get off early, praying I get off early every day until they are 6 months...this is a bit unrealistic) Wanting to go to church, planning on going to church...and just not getting it together, or not having the energy to get it together to go. Planning an fabulous dinner, and burning it because one or both needed immediate attention. They are twice the joy and they are twice the unexpected vomit, poop, and crying.

PS they are both sleeping 6.5 - 8 hours a night consistently! Thank you Jesus!
Elizabeth weighs 10# 6.5 ounces and Kade weighs over 11#

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

a friend needs your help

A friend of mine (from my church, Healing Place Church) Kacy Edwards is with a new nonprofit organization. She works for "Career Compass of Louisiana". She and another teacher meet one on one with Baton Rouge area seniors to offer secondary education counseling, assist with applications, ACT/SAT applications, financial aid etc. They need our help, they are in the top 10 for BR for the Burger King Have it Your way. Burger King will donate 50,000 to the winning organization. Please click on this link to vote: you can vote daily through July 13. You can sign up for daily reminders at You can read more about it at my pastors blog Thank you for supporting Kacy and this awesome organization.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


We've captured several of Kade's smiles on camera (he loves his bath). We've yet to capture one of Elisabeth's, but will try again so we can post. She does smile all the time, but stares at the camera in wonder... Beau loves to hold sleeping babies and they love sleeping on their daddy (don't tell the babywise people...)

Sleep continues to improve. They both slept 8 hours Thursday night. Kade only slept 6 hours Friday night. And last night they both slept 7 hours. So it's gradually getting better. I'm hoping for consistently 7 or 8 hours within the next week.
Kade weighs over 11 pounds, but Elizabeth hasn't gained any. I'm concerned, so I'll be calling the MD tomorrow to see other treatments for her reflux. She spits up so much. We've increased her Zantac to the max and still no weight gain in a week, so we'll see. Kade is doing so well now that we have him on the right formula. He still prefers breastfeeding, but he gets a bottle 2-3 times a day, so Elizabeth can breastfeed. We're in trouble when he realizes that Elizabeth is getting "his" breast...

I'm very sad about returning to work, the closer it gets, the sadder I feel.... :(

Thursday, June 7, 2007

We're almost there

Tues. night, Kade and Elizabeth slept from 9:30- 0530; ate and then slept until 8 am. Beau and I did too!!! Wow, we woke up feeling like new people. Last night Kade slept from 10pm-0430 and Elizabeth from 9:30pm-7am. I feel like they'll both be sleeping 8 hours when I go back to work on 6/19. I'm so sad about leaving them, but it will be nice to get back to my coworkers and patients. I don't think Beau has a clue to how much he will miss my being home on his days off. He has only been alone with all 4 for Walmart trips... I'll definitely be blogging about that!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Kade slept 8 hours and weight update

Kade slept from 9:30 until 0530. Unfortunately Elizabeth slept from 9:30 until 3:30. I just know that one day soon they will both sleep 7 plus hours.
Don't tell Quinn that Kade is napping on the pink boppy...these are pictures of them from today. aren't they cute...
Kade weighed 10#11oz and Elizabeth weighed 10# 0.5oz yesterday.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Baby Dedication, pirates, and snakes...

We belong to the most awesome church!!! Healing Place Church! We dedicated our twins yesterday. They are gifts from God, gifts to love and cherish and raise to be a Godly man and woman. We will most certainly need the Holy Spirit and the support of our family and friends to do this! Their NeeNee (Aunt Denise) is such a blessing to us!!! She and Aunt Faye (Maw Faye) attended the service with us. I owe an apology to Keri, who I forgot to tell about the date and time. (I thought I had, but I've already blogged about my short term memory loss, at least I think I did...)

They were both well behaved!!! and wide awake for the dedication. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I've also included a picture of the snake Cole killed in the yard and my little pirate, Quinn, just before seeing "Pirates of the Caribbean, World's Ends."

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Elizabeth slept 9 hours...

Elizabeth slept from 10pm until 7am. Wow. Of course, Kade woke up at 2 and 6... One day he'll sleep too. I don't think this will be a habit for Elizabeth, just yet. We had a very busy day yesterday with visiting their Nonna in the hospital, having lunch with Aunt Andrea and then a little shopping. Elizabeth doesn't sleep on errands, she is too afraid she will miss something. Kade sleeps all the time in the car seat. I'm sure this explains the difference in their sleep last night.

We have baby dedication today, I'll post more pictures soon.