Sunday, June 10, 2007


We've captured several of Kade's smiles on camera (he loves his bath). We've yet to capture one of Elisabeth's, but will try again so we can post. She does smile all the time, but stares at the camera in wonder... Beau loves to hold sleeping babies and they love sleeping on their daddy (don't tell the babywise people...)

Sleep continues to improve. They both slept 8 hours Thursday night. Kade only slept 6 hours Friday night. And last night they both slept 7 hours. So it's gradually getting better. I'm hoping for consistently 7 or 8 hours within the next week.
Kade weighs over 11 pounds, but Elizabeth hasn't gained any. I'm concerned, so I'll be calling the MD tomorrow to see other treatments for her reflux. She spits up so much. We've increased her Zantac to the max and still no weight gain in a week, so we'll see. Kade is doing so well now that we have him on the right formula. He still prefers breastfeeding, but he gets a bottle 2-3 times a day, so Elizabeth can breastfeed. We're in trouble when he realizes that Elizabeth is getting "his" breast...

I'm very sad about returning to work, the closer it gets, the sadder I feel.... :(

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