Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We took these March 17th, just before their birthday and Easter at Babycakes photography.
It has been a busy few months for me! I didn't even take the twins for their 12m check up (bad mommy). Partly because I was busy, but mostly because I hate watching them get shots. I know, I'm a nurse and give babies shots all the time, but it is different when they are yours! Plus there is all that controversy over immunizations, and mercury and other heavy metal toxicity and autism. So I put it off. I did finally take them at 15 months.
Kade is just over 20 pounds. He is in the 55% for height and 5% for weight. Elizabeth is just under 20 pounds. she is in the 25% for height and 10% for weight. I've really tried to make them fat. Maybe they are just destined to be thin (for their whole life). Wouldn't that be grand! Considering that most of my family has battled obesity (including myself) I think it would be wonderful.
But I truly think fat babies are the best, and my and not fat. I call Kade Skinny man. I've even made a little song up about mama's little Skinny man.... Elizabeth isn't quite as skinny, at least you can't count her ribs and spine... The pediatrician assures me they are fine! They both eat so well. They eat everything. Elizabeth even likes fresh tomatoes. The only thing I've found that they both will not eat is asparagus. Their new favorite food is fresh blueberries. They like them more than chocolate (i shudder at the thought of anything being better than chocolate). Blueberries make for very interesting poop. Beau called my in a panic. Kade's poop is black...I said what does it smell like and he's like ..."poop" I reply "smell it again" then he tells me it smells sweet and I say..."like blueberry's" he says yes and gross. I must say, nobody else likes them as much as we used to after smelly blueberry poop... But they are so good tasting and for you, that we let them eat them everyday. They will only be in season a little while longer.
We will going camping for 10 days at the end of this week. I'm not sure how that will work. They won't have beds to be put down for naps and sleep. I don't think they will just lay quietly and go to sleep, when they will be able to crawl out and find us... we will see.
We are having so much fun with these two blessings!!! Cole and Quinn may not survive the summer (sibling rivalry is a curse of Satan dating back to Cain and Able, why am I surprised that Cole and Quinn are experiencing it as well...).

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Melissa said...

Precious babies! I can't believe how big they are getting.