Monday, August 13, 2012

Ready for kindergarten

Today, the twins and I spent the day together.  We went to game stop, for a new DS game.  Then we went to Walmart.  They were so well behaved!  NeeNee gave them the Nintendo DS's yesterday and the threat of losing them privilege to play with them works wonders!!!  They even helped me unload groceries and put them away.

I made their lunches for tomorrow, with their help.  Elizabeth has a whole wheat wrap with ham and cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers, a mango yogurt freezie pop (sweetened with dates, don't tell them) juice and a whole grain, grain, organic chocolate cookie.  Kade has shrimp, salsa, corn, tortilla chips, grapes and blueberries, with the same mango pop and cookie.  Hope they enjoy it and that the new containers and lunch boxes work well and don't leak.

Quinn forgot his lunch today.  He missed it!  Didn't like the "hamburger" from the cafeteria.  He is going to try to make California rolls for his lunch tomorrow.  I've made the sushi rice for him.   He is very excited and i hope it works out and tastes great.  It is the only way he will eat cucumber and avocado.

I've been in the kitchen most of the day.  Most of you know this is my favorite place to be!  Nonna balls (home made meatballs, using my step moms recipe) and pasta, a family favorite; though I never get them quite as good as Nonna's; it must be all that grandma love she puts in hers.

I have a breakfast casserole (turkey sausage, hash brown potatoes, onions, cheese, eggs and milk)  in the crock pot, will finish is up and start before bed.  This is a new recipe, so I hope it turns out great.  I want us all ready with our A game.

I'm excited and anxious.  My babies are starting kindergarten.  Happy and sad.  It's hard to wrap my head around this milestone.  I will post pictures tomorrow evening.  Hoping I can put them on the bus with a smile and not a nervous breakdown. Kade would not be able to go if I'm upset, of course Elizabeth would probably go without a backward glance ;).

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