Wednesday, August 8, 2012

they are 5 and starting kindergarten

I've neglected my blog, but I plan to post more regularly.  The twins turned 5 in March and life is good.  Just for anyone with twins that is looking for hope, a life line, or someone that is so much better than it was, and getting better every day!  I'm still on Prozac, Ambein (to sleep), and I drink more alcohol than I probably should.  But we are a happy (well as happy as you can be with a 13 y/o hitting puberty).  And Cole (the 17 y/o who helped me so much in the first few years) is in boarding school 3.5 hours away (his choice, it's a great school, Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts).  This will be his 3rd year there, so I'm getting used to not having his help.

After working part time for 15 years, I went full time 2 years ago.  Wanted the twins in preschool full time and that's expensive.  I had hoped to go back to part time when they started kindergarten (we are blessed with a great public school) but of course, I figured out how expensive teenagers are, especially to feed and clothe. ;)

So my time to blog and breath is limited.  I've also put us on a Natural food diet.  Which means no refined foods (white flour, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, dyes, MSG, etc)  so to my plate I've added: making just about everything from scratch, going to Farmers market for milk, veggies, eggs, and we bought a local, grass-fed organic cow (well, 25% of one- 96# of meat in deep freeze and 20# of bones for making stock).  I will be making lunch for Quinn and the twins everyday.  Well, at least that is my goal.  but I've learned to be very kind and forgiving to myself.  I believe it's about what you eat 80% of the time.  So I let my elderly neighbor sneak the twins candy every now and then, and I don't make a big deal about what they eat when visiting relatives.  The kids don't mind the way we eat now, except at the grocery store, so I try not to take them there.  When we are there together and they ask for everything that they can't have.  We read the label together, and the first 5 times they are OK with "no, I'm sorry that has dye, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives..." But then, Elizabeth starts negotiating, and then crying and Kade gets angry. 

 I love the blog 100 day's of Real Food, it's a great place to start if wanting to eat in a healthier way.

Well I must go make some whole grain bread, hope to post again soon.

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Becky Walding said...

Jodi, my twins are 15 and Sophmore's this year! Time has surely flown by! Had some hard years there for a long time! Glad to know about your blog and look forward to
Updates! I wonder sometimes how I ever got through those early years, I did wasn't always easy but somehow we managed and they so far have turned out great! Love and miss you!!! Becky