Thursday, August 9, 2012

testing for kindergarten

The twins underwent a 1 hour "test" for kindergarten.  Not sure what they were tested on, however, i understand that it will help with student placement and the teachers will better know where to start. 

I have requested that the twins be in the same class.  I met another mother of boy/girl twins that requested her twins be in different classrooms.  So thankful that we are in a school that lets have parents have input.  I plan to get their teachers input at the end of kindergarten whether they would be better continuing together or separate.  I chose to keep them together this year because their prek teacher felt they were "forlorn and lost" when the other was not at school. They don't play together at school and are in different reading groups, but they like to keep tabs on each other and are worried about each other if they cannot see them.

Both had hair cuts today.  Kade demanded that all of his curls be cut off...Beau is a bit angry with me.  I let Kade choose because he wants to be considered a big boy, and the curls make everyone notice him and treat him more like a baby.  He looks so handsome and so much older.  I miss his curls.  I had Elizabeth's bangs cut a bit short, but they grow so fast and i hate when they cover her beautiful blue eyes!

Tomorrow they will be at there preschool Kaleidoscope and I will have a much needed day with Cole.  Monday they are home with me, I plan to make it a special last day before kindergarten, any suggestions?  Tuesday is their first day of kindergarten.  They will be riding the bus.  This is a very difficult choice for me.  Cole never road the bus, and Quinn didn't ride the bus until 5th grade.  Working full time, putting them on the bus makes the most financial sense, and because we live 1 mile from the school and they are together, it seems the best.  Of course Tuesday am, when I watch them climb up on that giant bus I'll be in tears and will probably follow the bus to school :)

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