Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lack of sleep

Well, it was not a good night. We had been trying to get in 7 feedings between 6am and 10pm. It had been so difficult and seemingly useless when we tried to wake them up to eat at 10pm that I decided to try something a little different. I went back to feeding them every 3 hours (instead of 2.5). With there last feeding around 8:45pm. Kade started crying in his sleep at 1245pm. It was a fussy cry every few minutes, but enough to keep us awake. Finally at 0145, I got him up and fed him. Elizabeth woke up shortly after at 0215. Beau gave her a bottle. Kade woke up again at 5, so I broke all of the rules and nursed him in bed. Elizabeth woke up at 0520, and Beau got up and gave her a bottle. Now all of our times for today are messed up. I scheduled the ultrasound for Elizabeth at 1030, thinking that would be a good time between feeds. But now it isn't. With 2 it takes a while to feed them so they will either need to eat during the drive there, or when we get there. Woman's Hospital has a breastfeeding room, so I'll feed Kade there and give Elizabeth a bottle sometime... Today, I will go back to 7 feedings a day. One feeding at night is fine. 2 is so hard, especially on Beau who has to work.

I was so aggravated with Kade as I got out of bed last night. How silly is that, to be frustrated with a 9 week old, because he is hungry... However, as soon as I picked him up, I was overwhelmed with motherly love, snuggle time during breastfeeding is the best! Even at 2 am!

P.S. Elizabeths hips checked out just fine.

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