Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We had a great time camping. The first hour was not so much fun!!! It had been 9 months since our last camping trip. I couldn't remember how to park the camper, where everything was kept, and only had one set of sheets. It's a good thing that the boys sleep in sleeping bags (and they where in the camper). I forgot to pack the twins new (and oh so adorable) swimsuits. Beau wouldn't let me take them to the "beach"/swim area, so I guess it didn't matter. But next time... we have another trip planned for father's day weekend. I slept just as well in the camper as at home. I usually have trouble getting comfortable, but I'm so sleep deprived that it was no problem. Kade and Elizabeth stayed on their schedule and only woke once at night to eat.
The day before we left we had Elizabeth's hair cut. I'm adding a picture of that as well. Now she no longer has a Mohawk. Now she looks much prettier!!! Stephanie German (A Cut in Time) cut her hair. She was great! It was the youngest (2 months) client she ever had.

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