Tuesday, August 7, 2007

the twins big brother...Quinn

Quinn loves to take pictures, especially of the twins. This is a pic he took of himself and Elizabeth
This is a picture he took of himself with Kade. Quinn teaching Kade to play phase 10... if you could have heard the comentary...

Elizabeth rolled from front to back on Sunday (Aug. 5th) Kade was the only witness, she can't remember how she did it and Kade isn't talking...
Elizabeth still vomits all the time. She's on her 3rd outfit and 5th bib today. We're back on the Zantac, she is less fussy on it. Kade and Elizabeth are both teething. Elizabeth has a large not on her bottom left gum, Kade has a tiny lump. They both are drool masters!!!
Cole started soccor practice this evening and I went back to choir practice last week and sang this past Sunday. It's amazing how even one extra thing puts extra stress on the schedule, everything is more difficult with new babies. I caught an episode of John and Kate plus eight ( this is a show on TLC, they have 6 y/o twins and 6, 2 y/o). She is so organized it makes me look a total mess who can't get it together. I'm not watching the show anymore, it isn't good for my self esteem.

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