Friday, July 20, 2007

weight update

Elizabeth weighs 12# 4 oz and Kade weighs 13# 1 oz. The prevacid doesn't seem to be improving Elizabeth's reflux, yet. We will give it a week and see. She is more irritable now, so if that continues, we'll go back to the Zantac.

to clarify our putting the house up for sale. We are not moving away. We just want something with less maintenance and less money (we do have 4 kids to put through college now). We are looking at neighborhoods like Oak Hills, Hickory Ridge, Woodlawn Estates, etc. We have 7 acres here and the property values have gone way up. Our neighbors just sold in days and got a great price. We just feel the time is best for selling. though how we'll get and keep the house ready to show is beyond me!!! We hate to give up the land, but need a more functional house with more bedrooms. If you know anyone looking for acreage and a 120 year old really neat house, let us know.

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