Monday, October 5, 2009

6 weeks later

Thanks for all the comments on my last post. I'm feeling much better! I went back to the doctor last week. The people closest to me (kids, husband, cousin/sister) said I was much But the overwhelming fatigue/tiredness really had me down. I felt completely joy, on the other hand, I wasn't getting so angry, very little yelling/screaming (i was just too tired to get that upset over anything). After talking to my doctor, i decided to try taking the medicine in the morning instead of at has made a world of difference!

I'm still a little tired, but I think that probably has to do with 4 kids, a husband, 3 dogs, 7 acres, part time nursing job, and running a home... Also, I've lost 5 pounds since being on the medicine and 10 pounds since July (i had gained 12 from March-July, when my diabetic medicines where switched up...switched back in July). It was not doing my self esteem any good, when my clothes weren't fitting... It is nice to have so many choices again in my closet! Still would like to lose another 30-40 and have a tummy tuck... well, that will have to wait until the twins are older I'll try for that goal when they are five!

Hopefully my posts will be informative and less venting! I'm glad to be finally finding my footing again. Feeling like a much better mother and wife!

Field trip with the twins tomorrow to a pumpkin patch. Will hopefully have some great pics to post!


Damo said...

Seems unnecessary to have 3 dogs and 7 acres. Sounds like you are making more work for yourself.
If that's the case... harden up Princess!
You can make it as easy or as hard as you want it to be.
When I had my first born (twins) it was tough.
The types of twins they were was very rare. So rare in fact that they were one step away from being conjoined.
My wife had to have 4 - 5 scans a week (travelling 1.5 hours each way on top of working full time)to make sure everything was okay as these type of twins have a very high death rate.
They were born 9 weeks premature.
They stayed in hospital for 6 or so weeks in Sydney (we live on the Central Coast 1 1/2 hours drive away).
There was nothing normal about the pregnancy or the birth or the aftermath. We have no idea what normal is so we can't compare.
We have no family to help, no friends that can help us. We did it all alone and by ourselves.
We still are and it is really tough but hey, at least I get a rest when my eyes are closed. I have it much better than my wife. She never complains though. Not once. Maybe it has something to do with being a hardened coloured South African from the wrong side of Johannesburg. I don't know.
We had no choice. You have.
Get rid of the dogs and downsize your property for starters. Cut down your work hours if you can't cope. Maybe you should have thought about the consequences of having a third pregnancy before you got knocked up?
Trust me, nobody is interested in a whinger that has made their life difficult through their own bad judgement and terrible decisions.

Jodi Lyn said...

wow, i'm just now reading this comment. There was a time this would have made me angry, but it just made me laugh. I was definately whining a bit on these posts. We didn't plan this third pregnancy (really thought that at 39 with a 12 and 8 y/o) We want to downsize, but couldn't find buyer. We did get down to 1 dog. We had 9 and a grooming/breeding business when we had to twins, so 3was very downsized and we closed the business. It's funny how someone over the internet who doesn't know you, has only read a few postings can be so judegmental. of course this is almost 2 years later, so maybe life has woken him, I started this blog mostly to keep our friends far away updated on my life. hope this post at least made this guy feel better about his own situation