Saturday, March 21, 2009

2y/o portrait session

It was a wild session! Thank goodness my stepmother met me to help corral the twins...they were running around like monkeys! I was very pleased with Portrait Innovations and will definately use them again. We took these on their birthday 3-20-09, then visited my office, then met Daddy and NeeNee (Denise) for lunch. I took them to the park today and we will celebrate their birthday tomorrow with a party with friends and family. We have a big blowup jump/slide reserved, Beau is cooking a big jambalaya, Nonna is making a pineapple cake, I'm picking up a Mickey Mouse cupcake cake and blue bell ice cream...I hope they enjoy their party, I know we will! I feel so blessed to have survived the first 2 years and have 2 wonderful, fun, loving kids!

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