Wednesday, October 31, 2007

7 months old

Kade's smile is so big, it always lights up my world!!!
He is sitting up so well now and can go from his tummy to sitting all by himself.
Out pretty girl, she just needs a little more hair!!!
it was hard to get a picture of Elizabeth sitting up, she kept crawling off.
Naked bowl pictures, we have them of Cole and Quinn, so had to get them of the twins. I don't know why this pic is so much smaller than the others.
I think she looks like the Gerber baby in this one
It was almost impossible to get a picture of them together, Kade kept sitting up and Elizabeth crawled away...
We were trying to get them both to look at eachother...

These are the cutest hinies in the world!!!

It's hard to believe they are 7 months old. Elizabeth: wt.15# 14 oz (25%), L 24 3/4" (10%), HC 17 1/8" (40%). She remains short and round so has been nicked named..."Tater Tot". Kade: 16# 12 oz (25%), L 28" (90%), HC 17 1/4" (40%). He is by far my longest baby, if he keeps this up he'll be 6 ft. tall. We're hoping Elizabeth will be at least 5' 3...They are such good babies!!! If they get their naps! Kade just started crawling, Elizabeth's has been crawling for about 3 weeks. Kade has been able go to a sitting position without help for about a month and Elizabeth has done that once in the last week. I think she probably could have sooner, but would rather crawl and get into something.
You can view all of their proofs at click my proofs and type in, password is meisner.

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Karen said...

I can't believe how big they have gotten. Too cute.