Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Twins at the beach

Kade didn't mind the beach and was even able to take a nap.
Elizabeth in a swim diaper, she didn't like napping on the beach.
she finally fell asleep on Daddy
Elizabeth (baby Faye) liked the water, she hung out on her tropical isle for about an hour
Kade didn't care much for the water! He like the heated pool, OK, but not much.

Maw Maw Faye loves these babies!!! Especially her namesake...baby Faye
Elizabeth couldn't scoot on the sand and got aggravated very quickly.
We had a great time in Gulf Shores, AL. Unfortunately, Cole and Quinn were doing there own thing and we didn't get a single picture of them. I promise they were there and had a great time! Denise (Nee Nee), Aunt Faye, Dwayne (Denise's brother and my cousin) and his wife: Kathy and there kids: Ashlee Rae and Austin Reed were there with us, as well and Denise's best friend and adopted aunt of the twins, Karyn. We stayed in 2 condos on the beach. It was so nice and relaxing.
that is until the ride home...what is a 4 hour drive, took 8.5 hours. Instead of stopping to feed the twins once, we had to stop twice. The twins were fussy after about 5 hours and the boys were bickering. NOT FUN!!!
Next year we plan to stay an extra night and miss the holiday traffic!

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